Providing the Kingdom of God the Best Service

Providing the Kingdom of God the Best Service

Kingdom Impacting Communities is the Kingdom Organization committed to showing Love, helping those in need while advocating for fair & equal conditions for everybody involved in its domains; whether in Tucson, Arizona; or anywhere our feet shall tread & voice is carried. 

We are driven with the passion of Christ to help, so we always work hard in our efforts to build a better future for all Kingdom Citizens and their charges. 

We partner with several non-profits, institutions, & any who promote Love, Peace, Freedom, & Justice; we partner with like-minded organizations so we can better perform our Kingdom responsibilities. 

We promote a studied, peaceful, quiet faithful yet powerful quality of life.

We are dedicated to improving the life quality of everyone in our kingdom, society, & nation. 

For more information call (520) 987-1638 for the Kingdom Ambassador