Kingdom Impacting Communities

Giving the future a fighting chance one child at a time

Kingdom Impacting Communities

Giving the future a fighting chance one child at a time

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The Best Kingdom Service Provider Around

Kingdom Impacting Communities is a Kingdom Organization committed to showing Love, helping those in need while advocating for fair & equal conditions for everybody in its domains; whether in Tucson, Arizona; or anywhere our feet shall tread.  We are driven with the passion to help, so we always work hard in our efforts to build a better future for our clients and charges.  We partner with several non-profits, institutions, & any who promote ... Learn more

We Are Here

Being Kingdom minded people, we endeavour to reach out to as many people as we can.
To do this, we take great strides to ensure our staff are well-trained in the Word of Truth and provide help through activities that will improve the quality of the lives of those who are in need and empower them to better themselves. 
We encourage volunteering for those who want to offer kingdom services, and we are also open to working with people who would ... Learn more

Meet the Kingdom Ambassador

Who is Ambassador Jerill Christopher Dorton? Jerill Christopher Dorton is the husband of & to one wife Mrs. Shayla I. Dorton; He was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, faced and overcame many obstacles. As a young man growing up in a high poverty and gang infested environment, there were constant pressures to join gangs, participate in drug use and dealing, and countless other negative active activities. Even with all the pressur... Learn more

Support Team

We offer many ways to get in touch with us, either through our website or over the phone.  If you have a need to speak with a someone, we recommend calling during business hours (Monday - Friday between the hours of 1pm- 5pm), as you'll get verbal assistance. You can also contact us through our website ANYTIME day or night (24 hours).  We guarantee kingdom infused experiences from Ambassadors &/or Diplomats that will do what's needed to get ... Learn more

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