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03 February 2023

03 February


This group of soldier's need all the help they can get! God Bless their Tucson Occupation attempt coming up. Send prayers and donations y'all. 🙏🏻 🕊

Meet The Team

George J. Dorton II

George J. Dorton II: Provides biblical guidance & counsel to the leaders in K.I.C.  

He is the Pastor & Patriarch of the Kingdom Ambassador who is Jerill C. Dorton.

Shayla I. Dorton

Shayla Dorton in charge of total care & scheduling the different day to day activities of the Kingdom Ambassador.
She's the Elect Lady & Wife; a Kingdom Diplomat; & the Secretary of K.I.C.

Crystal S. B. Dorton

"No child is ever too far gone that they can not be reached!" 

We have a team that works with that kid, yes your kid; bring the little children unto us.....our team in the Kingdom of God.

Crystal D...

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