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Nothing that's lasting or important is easy in this life #KingdomCitizens & #PeopleofGod, however being a #man & we being #men not just a human but a man meaning a #male man which is the moving, living, while breathing image of God on the earth I have chosen to humble myself & repent while living a life of repentance;

[If you are a #woman understanding is key: you are made in the image & likeness of the man--> so you all meaning #women are in fact the living, breathing, moving image of man on this earth;(this is why you rock) you look like a man but this image of man, women is still the image of God do not get who & what you are confused]

Now it is no longer I WHO do anything in this life alone, this life I live is POWERED by the KING of Kings Jesus, the Lord of lords, while sealed with the Holy Ghost which was Promised.

It is King Jesus who does the Work, I just present myself humbly to the Lord God WHO is my FATHER in Jesus name 🙏 🙌 ✨

In short Kingdom Living it's not too hard if you & I understand our real life depends on this decision, ️ the decision to follow Christ; also we learn it's really easy b'cuz Christ does all the Work through the Spirit & has already completed the work.

Just believe with me.....

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