Kingdom Impacting Communities Network

Plugging into this Network of communities is plugging in the Kingdom System that's strategic, unified, understanding, & strong. 

Here is where Kingdom Citizens who seeks to connect with like-minded believers; business owners; ministry leaders; & service professionals as well as providers--> Brothers & Sisters who know for a FACT that ABBA has BETTER for Us (HIS Children) here & now. 

All in this Network are always growing, expanding, & maximizing themselves while being T.E.A.C.H.A.B.L.E. as well as Teaching while relating to all on a Down 2 Earth level with GOD POWER!  

This is also where all Kingdom Ministries, Businesses, as well as Services unite & plug into the Kingdom Community letting all invested know their Ministries & Services offered are sent from above, on a higher dimension, & next to none.

In this Network all Kingdom Citizens, Ministries, Businesses, & Services have access to the Kingdom Impacting Council of Apostles & Diplomats as well as the Ambassador & all Diplomats for & in their region(s).  

The Kingdom Impacting Council of Apostles & Diplomats aid he body & Kingdom Community byway of keeping records of all connected Kingdom Citizens, Businesses, as well as Services; establishing what we call a Kingdom Distribution where Kingdom Citizens add value, currency, funds, & or goods to assist raising our fellow brothers & sisters up with love, discretion, accompanied by Christ taught & led accountability. 


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