Kingdom Diplomat ( & disciple of Christ)

Kingdom Diplomat ( & disciple of Christ)

Opportunity 4 one Evangelist & for one Deacon 

We are looking to connect with & / or train a willing Evangelist & a Deacon.

Mission: to do the Work of the Lord Jesus the Christ in Tucson, PimaCounty, & in the different cities of Arizona then beyond.


Must be a Man with unwavering Belief & Faith in Jesus / Yeshua according to the Scriptures; Willing to grow & be corrected &/or enlightened with more Word (biblical) Knowledge & Understanding (as written); 

Most have the Holy Ghost or the desire to receive the Holy Ghost; 

Must be available to travel (drive [& / or fly] with a valid state or a valid federal license) minimum 4-6 hours of availability on Sundays / 1st Day of the Week & Wednesdays / 4th Day of the Week along with 1 Sabbaths / Saturdays a Month


Follow me as I follow Christ:

These two positions will be like nothing witnessed inside your traditional ministries! 

The Men selected will do the Biblical Work with me inside but mainly outside what people call the Church House.


‭Matthew 5:6 KJV‬

[6] Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.


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