Jesus is Lord Jesus is King Jesus is Christ the Son of God

Jesus is Lord Jesus is King Jesus is Christ the Son of God

Kingdom Greetings Shalom/Amani to you &/or the ministry the Lord my King & Savior Jesus has charged you with  

Blessings/ Baraka, our core beliefs are simply Jesus is Lord, Jesus is King, Jesus is Christ the Son of the only True and Living God & our only WAY to the FATHER. 

Jesus my Lord & King said upon this Rock I will build my Church & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

We teach the same things Jesus & all Apostles sent by Jesus teach.

We teach the Way of Christ the traditions & commandments of Jesus which is the doctrine of Christ & the Apostles doctrine.

What we do?

We do the Work of the Lord while it is Day!

We are unifying the Body of Christ for wholeness as we preach the message of the Kingdom to those in darkness drawn to the light of Christ which we possess as well as shine. 

At the same time we're equipping, training, encouraging, correcting, structuring, then sending out mature saints.

We're the Household of Faith!

We show the relationship with the FATHER WHO IS GOD byway of Jesus & the Holy Spirit who has filled & sealed us unto the Day of the return of King Jesus.

We do things Jesus said, did, as well as demonstrated like the sent Apostles in the scriptures as it is written by the voice of the Lord.

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